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The Qigong Connection is a non-profit organization whose mission is:  To educate and support the community in the healing and wellness benefits of Qigong.  We ascribe to build awareness of and connect to other energy based modalities while deepening our connection as a community to universal healing energies of love for the highest good of all.

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Qigong Connection April Meeting
Exploring the Body Like a Road Map
April 21st, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm

9:00 Greetings: Mary

9:05 - 9:30 Qigong Movements led by Rob Muir

9:30 - 10:10 Qigong Meditation led by Barb Palmer and Group Healing Meditation led by Julie Johnson

10:10 Break

​10:25 Healing Stories/Techniques led by Mary Zelmer

10:45 Introduction of guest speaker

11:45 Wrap up and Grounding

April 21st, 2018
Exploring the Body like a Road Map
Presented by Rev. Bonnie Bielous of “Psychology of the Body"

Session Summary

Let us explore the physical body like a road map.  Lets explore the psychology of the body, and what it holds and stores within the organs and cells.  
        Allow me to take you on a road trip down the highway of life into your life’s experiences, where we’ll explore the language of your body.  At first it’ll feel like its just your imagination running wild, your ego mind will tell you not to go there, not to trust what your body is speaking, perhaps you’ve encountered trauma and pain in your body on any or all levels - mental, physical, psychological, with some patience your mind and body can begin working together. Every experience you have ever had in this life-time has been recorded by your body, within your body - the cells the organs and energy centers, every emotion, trauma, positive or negative - all just waiting for you to explore! Your egoic mind has also recorded every event, though the data is coming from your five senses. From a small child we have been taught how to collect data from our five senses. Starting already from birth, gradually, or at times not so gradually, but from some kind of childhood abuse we start to move away from feeling into our body, we lose trust and contact with communing with our temple - our “Body”, and we start looking outside ourselves for the answers, trusting in our ego mind, moving farther and farther away from the truth of things, becoming more enmeshed with others that follow the ego-mind, getting lost in the world. All the while our body is holding the truth. And its wisdom is just waiting for you to find it’s way back!
    Today we shall be doing just that - we’re going to be experiencing the body’s language! 
    I’ll take you through an exercise as you explore your own body talking.
    I’ll also share what information is stored in the different locations of the body. 
Upon awakening each day, I feel so privileged to have an opportunity to work with and teach people how to access their body’s stories; to help unlock any emotional blocks and traumas, to bring about a more open, healthy life, free of fear, anxiety, anger and distrust - to a place that allows your emotions to be expressed with no judgment - only truth!
As we journey this map together, you will be lovingly guided by Bonnie as you feel into your beautiful temple - that is your body!


Presenter Biography 

Bonnie Bielous has been working in the healing field for the last twenty-five years. Teaching others that the journey is going within themselves where the truth lies. 
Helping others to connect with their higher self and their spiritual guidance is primary. Together they unravel the stories from the clients body, working with inner children, re-birthing and breath techniques, thus bringing about healing of its fractured parts. Bonnie’s desire and purpose is to guide and support those who are ready to grow and expand their consciousness to accelerate their growth and lend their unique skills to the world. As each and every one of us has a unique skill and gift to be shared with the world, Bonnie’s calling is to awaken your life’s purpose - so you may bring it into the world.
Bonnie has been teaching all over the world enriching, and accelerating all those lives she comes in contact with. Every day brings her tremendous joy to serve others in this capacity, as it is her gift that she lovingly and willing shares


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