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The Qigong Connection is a non-profit organization whose mission is:  To educate and support the community in the healing and wellness benefits of Qigong.  We ascribe to build awareness of and connect to other energy based modalities while deepening our connection as a community to universal healing energies of love for the highest good of all.

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Self-empowerment - Healing with Sound and Intention
November 17th, 2018
9:00am - 12:00pm

9:00 Greetings: Mary

9:05 - 9:30 Qigong Movements led by Rob Muir

9:30 - 10:10 Qigong Meditation led by Barb Palmer and Group Healing Meditation led by Julie Johnson

10:10 Break

​10:25 Healing Stories/Techniques led by Mary Zelmer

10:45 Introduction of guest speaker

11:45 Wrap up and Grounding

November 17th, 2018
Self-empowerment Healing with Sound & Intention
Presented by Patricia Vivant



Sound is an ancient and universal form of healing used in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. 


Sound healing touches and transforms on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 


  • 2018 is a year of self-empowerment
  • With the use of crystal bowls and guided imagery, each person is given the opportunity to connect within to the deep space of all possibilities that resides in each one of us. 
  • Sacred energy streams work through Patricia to align with the sound signatures of each person and with the group as a collective.
  • Support your own transformation of empowerment and join Patty in the healing space created through sacred sound.


Presenter Biography (with any contact information)

Patricia Vivant is an energy healer who accesses a variety of ancient energy streams including Egyptian Alchemy and Tibetan Shamanism.   She has expanded her modality of healing to guided group meditations and the use of crystal bowls.  Over the past 20 years Patricia’s work with sound healing has led her to transformational experiences in Egypt, Europe, Tibet, Peru and the U.S.


Patricia is currently practicing in Burnsville.  Along with seeing individual clients, she offers transformational sound events through guided meditation and crystal bowls. 


Contact information:  vivantpatricia@gmail.com





Upcoming Meeting and Seminar Dates:

Mark your calendars! Meetings are normally the third Saturday of the month!

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Self-empowerment - Healing with Sound and Intention
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Special Note: Hosting various speakers at scheduled events does not imply endorsement of, affiliations with, or involvement in the material presented or clinical techniques performed during or after the presentation.