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The Qigong Connection is a non-profit organization whose mission is:  To educate and support the community in the healing and wellness benefits of Qigong.  We ascribe to build awareness of and connect to other energy based modalities while deepening our connection as a community to universal healing energies of love for the highest good of all.

Everyone is welcome!

The Gift: Tis the Season
December 21st, 2019
9:00am - 12:00pm
 9:00 Qigong Movements
 9:30  Qigong Meditation & Group
          Healing Meditation
​10:10 Break
10:25 Healing Stories/Techniques 
10:45 Introduction of Guest Speaker
11:45 Wrap up and Grounding
Noon Meeting Adjourned
December 21st, 2019
The Gift: Tis the Season
Presented by Mary Zelmer

Short Description of Presentation

Mary will be leading this meeting, for the other Connectors have family obligations since this meeting is so close to Christmas. We will follow the regular morning agenda and for the last hour we will sit in meditation.

The meditation will visit the Joys and Gifts that each of the 5 elements bring to you. We will also use color to honor our organs and connect deeper with wisdom of their spirit. After we are balanced, we will hold the space for our planet to absorb the loving and compassionate frequencies that arrive at this time.  To do this, we will run the energy like an acupuncture needle, our client being the earth.

We will also introduce you to “Intention Groups”. Helping others and helping yourself, the perfect gift.

When we are finished you will feel grounded and connected to something larger than you have ever experienced before, because you will be tuned to the new seasonal energies coming in from above and moving through to below.  You will fully integrate these energies in your bodies as well as the planet.

It is so exciting that this day is the first day of Winter!

The Qigong Connection wishes you all peace and love. 

Upcoming Meeting and Seminar Dates:

Mark your calendars! Meetings are normally the third Saturday of the month!

December 21, 2019
The Gift: Tis the Season
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Special Note: Hosting various speakers at scheduled events does not imply endorsement of, affiliations with, or involvement in the material presented or clinical techniques performed during or after the presentation.