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The Qigong Connection is a non-profit organization whose mission is:  To educate and support the community in the healing and wellness benefits of Qigong.  We ascribe to build awareness of and connect to other energy based modalities while deepening our connection as a community to universal healing energies of love for the highest good of all.

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Healing Abuse
April 20th, 2019
9:00am - 12:00pm
9:00 Qigong Movements
9:30 Qigong Meditation & Group Healing Meditation
​10:10 Break
10:25 Healing Stories / Techniques
10:45 Introduction of guest speaker
11:45 Wrap up and Grounding
Noon  Meeting Adjourned
April 20th, 2019
Healing Abuse
Presented by Mary Zelmer

Description of Presentation: Healing Abuse

I started actively healing from the affects of abuse 25 years ago. After a decade of using Western philosophies, a decade of using Eastern philosophies, and then five years of deep energetic integration with the help of spiritual guides, I feel at peace and energetically able to hold the space for healing for others and the planet.

During this presentation I will be responding to questions that people have asked me. Here are a few. I will be addressing these questions from my experience and guidance.

  • As you become aware of how much your life has been negatively affected by abuse, how do you continue to let go? How do you forgive?
  • Can you heal by never confronting the abuser?
  • How does understanding your healing process help from the Eastern perceptive? What does abuse do to my mind, body and spirit?
  • Do you have to go into the energy of the pain to heal from it?
  • Trusting your own boundaries: how can you heal them and hold them again.
  • What is the difference between Qigong and Western medicine and how did it help you?


Presenter Biography

Mary Zelmer

Mary is an energetic alchemist tapping into the healing energies that are here to help, love and guide you. Mary has been studying Qigong for over 17 years. She started her own practice in 2008 and has taught at conferences, retreats, schools, and held her own classes at many locations. Mary has mentored students to all levels of energetic work, which led her to supporting the integration of the White Lion energy in Africa, laying the ground work for a healing village in Portugal and shifting energy other locations throughout the U.S.

Presently Mary is furthering her Qigong Studies by visiting the Boundary Waters.

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