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Making Connections for a Brighter World

Julie Johnson has a depth of spirit devoted to learning, training, teaching, and working with others to achieve good health, wellness, and spiritual connection. A broad diversity of education in the healing arts has lead Julie to a passion in Qigong. She first dedicated herself to improving her own wellbeing beginning in 1998 and then to others' wellbeing by learning and teaching yoga beginning in 2003. That then led her to Reconnective Therapy Practitioner certification in 2006.

By 2008 her thirst for connection took her on a heartfelt journey to Spring Forest Qigong that led to level II certification in 2009. Julie went on to lead Qigong practice groups and one-on-one Qi-ssage and Qigong sessions with clients. The big takeaway for Julie learning and practicing Qigong is that she can teach this simple method to others empowering them to perform self-Qigong for their own healing and well-being.

Her spiritual bent lead her to ordination as an Interfaith Minister in 2008 where her already open, warm heart became more expansive and she had the opportunity to practice public presentation. Also in 2008, Julie's drive to the healing arts drew her to certification in Psychology of The Body where she experienced a variety of alternative healing genres culminating in achieving Reiki Master certification in 2010. 2011 found Julie learning and becoming a Diksha (Oneness Blessing) practitioner which helps people come into balance in a simple, efficient manner.

While deeply immersed in her spiritual and healing learning and training, Julie also received training in Nonviolent Intervention along with many other personal and career development classes, workshops, and retreats.

This long list of education in the form of certifications and trainings brought Julie to one of life's "AHA!" moments. She came to realize that no matter what path she took, what modality, format, or framing the training took on she was experiencing the same message that we are all connected, we are all one, we are the Divine.

Julie emanates her natural warmth and caring to those she comes in contact with. Her innate and intuitive healing abilities have lit her pathway as she exists for the purpose of helping others realize their wholeness.