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Making Connections for a Brighter World

mz_0022 final.jpgIn 2011, I was approached by a friend who wanted to start an independent Qigong group for the purpose of supporting its members and the community. I felt strong guidance to do so and am so grateful for it. The Qigong Connection makes a difference in this world and it is a gift to be part of this community.

I have a background in Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) which started in 2002. From 2005 – 2010, I worked at the SFQ Center with SFQ Master Chunyi Lin as a Master Healer II, received certifications in three modalities and also had the opportunities to assist at conferences, retreats, and with the curriculum of Level 2 and Qi-ssage.

At that time, I also volunteered for the SFQ Guild as a speaker, healer, and in 2010 created and implemented the first phone healing meditation with the Guild community for Fang Lin. The power and success of that experience opened my eyes and heart to the power of community, nature, and the source, (love), which had a big effect on my relationship with Qi and changed my life course. At about that same time, I was offered the opportunity to develop, train volunteers, and implement the SFQ Guild ReachOut program. This program offered me more experience in working with the energies of community and reminded me of how simple it can be when we work together.

In 2008, I started using my Qigong skills and intuitive healing gifts to work, guide, and teach in Southern Minnesota.

In 2011, with the help of the Qigong Connection, we were able to create and implement a World Healing Conference with Dr. Effie Pow Yew Chow, Chow Qigong Grandmaster. During the ceremony I was asked to lead a healing meditation for Dr. Chow and again was taken into the power of the group consciousness and the power of our innate abilities to hold the space for change for the greater good. Those experiences lead me to the study of Alchemy and its similarities to Qigong.

With these experiences I was guided to create energetic healing prescriptions for places, groups, animals, and individuals. This work has lead me to Portugal, Sedona, Boundary Waters, and South Africa. After two years of working with many different energetic systems, I am presently teaching the energetic integration and implementation process of the White Lion Energy.

The Qigong Connection is an adventure unto itself and can lead you to places and people you may not have otherwise had the opportunity. I do hope you will join us. Be forewarned - it may change your life!