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Rob_Muir.jpgRob Muir has served as a Master Connector (aka Pillar) of the Qigong Connection since 2013. He has an AAS Degree from the North Dakota State College of Science, and brings to the organization an extensive Qigong background, a talent for training, and the gifts of warmth and openness. "The Qigong Connection has given me opportunities to explore new ways to continue to grow as a person and to develop my talents."

Rob trained in classical Chi Kung/Qigong while attending college and continued his passion for Qigong after moving to Minnesota. He started his Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) studies in 2005, and has completed Levels 1-4, the SFQ Qi~ssage course, and the Chow Medical Qigong Intensive Level 1 Certification training. Rob assisted with the development of the Spring Forest International Guild Reach-Out Program and served as a Co-Director of the program. Since 2007, he has been involved in the SFQ Hopkins, Minnesota, Qigong Practice Group and currently leads the group. Rob also played an active role in the success of the Qigong Connection sponsored "Healing the Earth Conference", where Grand Master Dr. Effie Chow and Chow Qigong was introduced to the community.

Rob is a native of North Dakota and is a devoted husband, father and friend.