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Qigong Basics:  Awakening Your Qi

3 Wednesdays Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3
7:00 pm to 7:45 pm

 Please join in this free class series designed to help you awaken your qi-  your life force energy.  You will learn the key elements of qigong and understand how to apply these elements to help you awaken your qi and balance your energy.  We will discuss the basics of energy and learn how to use your mind, breath, body movements and sound to help move the energy in your body.  You will also learn and practice simple movements and exercises which can help your energy flow in your body. 

This class series is designed for both new students of qigong and those who have been practicing for years.  No prior experience is needed.  Qigong movements and meditations can be done sitting, standing or lying down.  All levels of health and wellness are welcome.  Everyone can benefit by practicing qigong and learning to balance their energy.     

Class Session Information: 

You are encouraged to attend all three sessions, as the classes build upon each other.  If you can only attend one or two of the sessions, please feel free to sign up for the series and join in when you can.

Session 1- We will discuss the basics of energy and learn how to use our mind, focus and visualization to help direct our energy.  We will practice simple exercises to “play” with the energy.  You will be guided in practicing simple, gentle movements. 

Session 2- We will experience how to breath energy into our entire body and how to use the breath to move energy in the body.  We will continue to “play” with the energy.  You will be guided in practicing simple, gentle movements. 

Session 3- We will hear sound, “play” with it and feel how sound moves in our body.  You will learn a meditation using sound which can help you open up your body’s energy. 

To register for the class, please send an email to Barb Palmer at:  barbqigong@live.com

Please include your name and email address.  I will send you an email confirmation with the information on how to join the calls.  Looking forward to talking to you in class.

Please Join us
Pause at Noon Daily
for 1 - 10 minutes 

Together we can make a difference by focusing on one simple intention at the same time, together!

"With our unconditional love, We are calmly and powerfully holding the space for all to heal."

 Noon is the center time for the Heart Meridian and in Eastern medicine, the “heart” rules our emotions. Taking a moment for silence and breathe create a natural pause and bring us into our heart. When we are in our heart, we feel centered. When we are centered, we can direct our powerful healing energy out into the world with our thoughts or visualizations.

Anyone can join us in this daily “Noon Pause” as we each take a moment to send our energy out into the world together.

This document explains how to set your intention:
Intention summary.docx

Daily Intention Pause at Noon.docx

June 27,2020 Presentation by John Bigelow:
Pointers For A Powerful Intention

Qigong Connection Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation by event participants will be accepted via e-mail at QCEvents1@gmail.com.  Cancellations made more than 10 days before the event will be refunded 95% of the full amount.  If your registration is cancelled 10 days or less before the event, no refund will be made.

If an event is cancelled by the Qigong Connection, notice will be given to registrants no later than 10 days prior to the event and a full refund issued.