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Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a fifteen-hundred-year-old self-healing exercise form that is practiced by millions of people in China to maintain a vigorous level of health, relaxation and vitality.   It is easy to learn and consists of seven integrated movement sets for balancing and clearing your bodies’ physical and energetic systems.  Dragon and Tiger is a low-impact exercise; therefore, it is easy on the joints and knees, and can be practiced by people of any ability, standing, seated, or lying down.  This form of Qigong is an excellent introduction into the basics of the Energy Arts system, a Taoist Water Method school of internal arts founded by lineage holder Bruce Frantzis.

This training opportunity has been designed to provide participants adequate practice time in between sessions.  The training consists of four sessions that are spaced over a two-month period.

Presenter Information
Joel Ronningen

Joel Ronningen is a certified Dragon & Tiger Qigong instructor and has worked as a bodyworker and instructor in Apple Valley for over ten years.  More information about Joel can be found at www.ametrinebodyworks.com

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