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Presentation Information:
August 3 - Friday Evening Presentation from 6:30 -8:30 

Lengthening - An Internal Skill
An internal skill can be defined as a something that is happening inside or under the skin of your body. These are usually subtle yet produce dramatic effects.

Qigong and Tai Chi are two exercise systems from ancient China that focus on developing these internal skills and lengthening is one of those internal skills.

It is the exercise and skill of moving the soft tissues away from and back into the center of the body. This increases functional strength as well as improves circulation and helps expand your awareness.  

Taught first in various traditions, this foundational practice has many health benefits.

One, it teaches you how to fully release your nerves. The soft tissue cannot move if there is a certain level of contraction so in the beginning relaxation and more importantly a full release of the nerves is the key.

Secondly, lengthening creates and maintains the elastic qualities in the soft tissues of the body, literally helping maintain a “spring in your step”.

A third benefit affects the energetic system found in Traditional Chinese Medicine model of the body. Applying this skill to the yin and yang meridian pathways is a valuable tool for opening and maintaining an even balanced energetic flow.

Another reason that this is taught first is to create the optimal condition inside your body for all the other internal skills to function as well as possible. As one advances in their practice having a good foundation can help support smooth and steady growth as you add other internal skills.

This evening workshop will serve two purposes.  First, you will learn the basic process and various techniques of lengthening.  And additionally, for those attending the full weekend it will be a great introduction into one of the many skills Heaven & Earth Qigong has to offer. While we will focus on the arms, once the process is learned it can be easily transferred to the rest of body.

We will also discuss the process for working with the rest of your body and integrating each part into a unified whole.

Saturday and Sunday – August 4 and 5 
Workshop from 9 am -4:30 pm with a 2 hour lunch break. (Reg. only)

“The Marriage of Heaven & Earth”

“The Marriage of Heaven & Earth” Qigong is a one movement exercise designed to balance, increase, and clear your energetic system while exercising all the major joints of your body. Particularly fantastic in helping neck, shoulder, and back issues this one qigong can also be tailored to fit almost anyone’s needs when it comes to stress management.

This unique form of Qigong or Energetic Exercise has one movement and the majority of the actual practice happens internally or under the skin. In fact, the physical movements are really only 10% of what the whole thing can do and serve as a container for learning the real gems of the system, the internal skills.

These include lengthening the tissues of the body, opening and closing the joints, and smoothing out the flow of everything that is happening deep inside the body.

In this weekend you will learn the basic shape of the movement, including proper alignments for smoother energetic flow, loosening tight muscles and physical balance. Practicing this alone has helped countless people with various shoulder and neck issues.

As we work through the larger movements, you will learn how to recognize nervous tension and techniques for releasing it. This one skill can be a life saver for anyone who deals with stress on a daily basis.

From here you will learn how to move the soft tissue of your body to increase functional strength and circulation. This skill is called lengthening and is a foundational practice for most internal exercise arts including tai chi and other qigong.

You will also learn how to consciously open & close the major joints of your body. This can restore normal functioning to an injured area and supports better joint health. For the martial artist, this can provide a massive jump in the power you can produce.

The main goal of this set is movement on both gross and subtle levels, and learning how to improve that movement toward optimal functioning.

Presenter Information
Aaron Green

Aaron was the typical angry kid looking for a way to deal with his teenage years. This led him to the martial arts including Taekwondo and Hapkido in his teens and early twenties as well as a mixture of various other external arts. It was here that Aaron got interested in teaching and realized what joy can come from sharing your knowledge and having that help others in bettering their lives.  From here he moved toward the softer internal arts including  Tai Chi Chuan and it was from there he realized that one can be martially effective and not destroy your own body in the training process. 

After attending massage school, Aaron worked as a healer, exploring many modalities for better health including Feldenkrais and Craniosacral Therapy. This is where he gained even more respect for what power the soft and subtle arts can offer in helping people.

It was 1997 when Aaron found his teacher,  Bruce Frantzis and the Energy Arts system, which provided everything he was looking for:  the martial, the health, and the healing.  After years of study, is a certified instructor in the following sets within the system:

  • Longevity Breathing
  • Dragon & Tiger Medical Chi Gung
  • Opening the Energy Gates of your Body Chi Gung
  • Marriage of Heaven & Earth Chi Gung
  • Tai Chi Circling Hands
  • Gods Playing in the Clouds Chi Gung
  • Wu style Tai Chi Chuan Short Form

In the following 18 years of teaching Aaron has found the Energy Arts system to be one of the best structures for sharing these internal skills that have helped him so much over the years.

Aaron brings a Taoist approach of using awareness to observe and assist the natural processes of the body into all his teachings. This has proven time and again to be the best path for long lasting and sustainable personal growth.

Aaron lives in the Washington DC area with his wife and three kids.  He teaches weekend workshops and 5 day retreats throughout the US and Europe.


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