Weekly Call: The Five Elements: Creating and Emanating our Inner Mandala for Healing with Mary Zelmer

Mandalas are known as representations of the universe. Eastern medicine believes that all living things, our bodies, our universes, all are made up of the five elements.

The five elements move through the seasons in a circular motion, repeating themselves in a 12-month cycle. Mandalas are circular and also have repetitive patterns. Mandala is Sanskrit for, “circle.”

Through three phases of meditation, we will first use the five elements to create balance and peace within us. As our energy flows through the five seasons our intention will be to create and integrate our own unique inner mandala. Because the center point of our mandala will be our heart, we will then be able to end our time together by emanating this balance and peace to our planet.

What a beautiful morning this will be!

Phone Information: Saturday from 9:00am – 10:00am Central Time
Call in Number: 267-807-9495
Meeting ID Code: 637972#
Participants are encouraged to call in prior to call start time. Starting to call at least 10 minutes prior is recommended.


Mar 18 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am