Weekly Call: Primary Healing Colors of Eastern Medicine: let’s embody them, with Mary Zelmer

In my dream last night, I was in a class and my teacher asked me to write a report and present on, “pink”. I was so excited to give my presentation that I forgot to write it down. I begged the teacher to still allow me to proceed and she did. Because I had no notes, no report, I decided to gain my information by becoming pink and as I did so it spoke through me with the aid of my life experiences. My words became truthful and powerful. This dream became the teacher for our work on Saturday. Colors are small particles that heal. They are the elixirs of life. In this presentation we will be using the energy of the five colors, Eastern Medicine recognizes, that create balance and wellness in our mind, body, and spirit. Please join us and let your true colors to shine: let’s light up the planet!

Phone Information: Saturday from 9:00am – 10:00am Central Time
Call in Number: 267-807-9495
Meeting ID Code: 637972#
Participants are encouraged to call in prior to call start time. Starting to call at least 10 minutes prior is recommended.


May 06 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am