Self Guided Meditation: Julie Johnson

The gift of Idealism is a world of magic, dreams and fairy tale. How about we break some of societies rules and get more connected to our feminine, creative sides? In this way we can start supporting new healthy patterns of Yin energy, and bring the yin/yang energies into a more balanced state. Let’s invite in this Yin energy of flow and play – and have some ideal fun! Choose something from the list below to meditate on – and allow this playful joy to bubble up and ripple out to the masses.

What if you had a lot of money for pure pleasure & fun?

What if you had a lot of time for playful fun ?

What if you had a space for creativity, magic and joy ?

Let’s let this gift of Idealism, the true art of magic once again return to our world.


Feb 24 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am