Focused Meditation: Julie Johnson

The fourth Saturday of the month the Qigong Connection will not have a telephone presentation. We will instead be offering you a focus to meditate on independently. This is another way we can develop our communities one mind, one heart energy.

We know that Qigong offers us the tools to balance another person’s Qi long distance, it also offers us the ability to connect more powerfully as a community and through a common focus we can support each other.

Julie Johnson, a long time Qigong leader and teacher, has committed to tapping into the benevolent energies that work with the QC community to find the focus for this monthly meditation.

It would be great if everyone could start their meditation at 9 am, but if you are unable, starting it at another time works too. The suggested time to meditate in 30 minutes if you need to do less, that is fine too. Listen to your heart and you will be able to feel when you are done meditating.

Aids for Meditation:

  • Nice deep, slow, smooth breaths with your lower belly
  • Set your intention, the focus and connecting as one group mind and heart for the greater good
  • Connect with the benevolent energies ready to support us
  • Try to witness where this meditation focus takes you, allowing the energies to be with you
  • When you are done, journal any information you received


Jan 27 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am