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Mankato, MN  Reconciliation Park




Mankato, MN Grain Silos with hand painted mural of PowWow Education Day


Mankato, MN Minneopa Park - Bison



Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride coming into Mankato, MN



March 20, 2021
Honoring our precious water through Qigong.

World’s Ocean (emphasis on Arctic and Southern)

Meditation Field Work:

We will revisit some of the past areas that we have honored, the Redwoods, Pig’s Eye, Center of the United States and World’s Ocean.water.jpg

 Rio Grande


March 27, 2021
Honoring our precious water through Qigong.

Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and Indian Ocean

Meditation Field Work:

Saturday’s meditation will take you to the top of Table Mountain (by Cape Town, South Africa) and Cape of Good Hope (where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet). We will doing some special work with the Indian Ocean. and World’s Ocean.


April 17, 2021   The Amazon Rainforest, “The Lungs of the Earth”

Qigong Field Work Meditation: 

This Saturday's qigong meditation will take you to Amazon Rainforest and includes energy work on North, Central and South Americas.

NOTE:  Lois invites you to an additional dial-in opportunity…..
If you have any questions about the field work that we are doing or if you have any stories or comments to share, please dial in to the same number listed below tomorrow night (Sunday, April 18) at 7 PM.

May 15, 2021  9 AM

The qigong field work meditation will take the group to Uluru, one of Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks.