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Story of Healing

I requested healing energy and light be sent to my sister-in-law who was hospitalized in Lake Havasu’s hospital for pulmonary blood clots due to Covid. She was given a poor survival rate. After just 4 days of treatment with steroids, blood thinners and antibiotics she was sent home! The doctors where amazed she recovered so quickly. They all said it was a miracle. They had not expected healing of such a large clot and many smaller clots this quickly. Her recovery literally happened overnight! The power of all our energies was impactful and so effective. It was indeed a miracle.
Thank You healing Tree Volunteers for sharing your gift of healing.

Qigong Healing Tree Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer to be one of our Healing Tree energy workers? Please contact Jane Larsen at jane.larsen@gmail.com for more information.

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