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Universal Support

Here are 5 messages that came to me to share with you that I received in my meditation from Quan Yin and other guides. These are reminders of things you already know. Lois Weber and Lisa Goodlander helped me find the words to express these messages clearly.

1)      Get out into nature or bring nature into your home.  It is important to keep our connection to the creative energies on this planet that nurture us. By staying attuned to our natural life rhythms’, it helps us to stay grounded, present and feel supported. 

2)      Every evening before you go to sleep or before you get out of bed the next morning, think about three things that happened that day that you appreciated or enjoyed. Commit to doing this before you start the next, new day. This will help you keep your energy purified and your focus on what you want to create for yourself and this planet.

3)      Start your day and your night with an intention for the highest good for everyone. Dream time and day time are different energies. We can set the stage and use our energy to get a lot done as we sleep, just like we doing in the day time. The energy will go where it is needed.

4)      Remind yourself, as needed, that this is a global awakening that we are undertaking. It is an expansion of our consciousness as a planet; a coming together as being one. What you hold in your heart, your being, is the food you are bringing to the global table. You may not know what your part in all of this looks like, so just trust your energy to do its job.

5)      The intention of the Qigong Connection is to hold the space for healing to occur. I have had many people tell me that they can feel an unusual calmness during this time. Some feel it all the time, some feel it only sometimes. If we focus on the calm and not the storm, we begin to realize that feeling calm will become our new norm.

By modeling/holding this calm in our bodies, we begin to create and resonate a sacred space for others to step into. Our energies unite with the infinite wisdom of the universe. This universal space then connects them to a sacred space within themselves. This connection is sacred and safe because it is infinitely guided.

One of the last parts in holding the space for healing, is letting go of the outcome and stepping back and becoming a witness to the beauty and healing compassion of this world. Being a witness opens us up to infinite possibilities of healing.

Qigong Exercise to help strengthen the lungs, the immune system.

We have practiced this qigong exercise under the names of “Standing at the Stake”, or “Hugging a Tree.” Master Zhonpxian Wu, has a nice explanation and visual on his website. Click here to get more information.